What Should Virtual Pharma Consider in Selecting a Contract Packager?


1) How much support do I need?

You may not have the resources or expertise to develop a detailed statement of work. Select a supplier that can spend time with you to fully develop the requirements so that you are comfortable with the plan and the price.


2) Who can meet my timeline?

Small pharma companies can be faced with deadlines that are driven by funding. They do not have leverage to get favorable slots in the production schedule at larger suppliers. Ask about lead-times and get a draft Gantt chart prior to signing the contract. Be aware that some suppliers may not give you flexibility to change production dates without incurring delays and additional fees.


3) How do I minimize risk in selecting a contract packager?

It may seem simplest to pick a large contract packager. Will they provide the level of support that you need? Will you get the “A Team”? Get to know the team that will support your project before you sign a contract. Look for the right commitment – people who will take your clinical trial as seriously as you do.


4) How do I know I am getting good value?

It is not just the price. Get multiple quotes, but also evaluate other factors: Were they responsive? Did they follow directions? Did they have to revise the proposal to get it right? Did they identify solutions for your needs, or give you a list of ambiguous options? All of these factors can be indicators of your future relationship. Get multiple quotes for your project and use this experience as one of the criteria for supplier selection.



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